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From the webmasters that brought you the ever popular, comes this free all male masturbation resource. If you love seeing pictures and videos and loving reading about other guys masturbation experiences then you need to make The Clubstroke Blog a daily must.

Sunday, March 20, 2005  

by Anonymous

I am a 19 year old straight male. I have never had gay thoughts and I been with lots of girls. This is a story of something that happened during my junior year of high school. I was on the basketball team and we always took showers after practice. There was a kid named Chris who had the biggest dick I have ever seen. It was at leat 6 or 7 inches long and 5 inches wide flaccid. This thing was huge. As straight as I was I couldn’t take my eyes of it. Chris and I were pretty good friends, but this was the first time I had seen his dick. That whole season I couldn’t keep my eyes of it. At the end of the season there was a party at Chris’ house announcing the end of a great year. Myself, and a couple other kids stayed the night at his house. We watched movies and hung out for awhile and eventually decided to go to bed. I was sleeping in Chris’ room and because he had bunk beds. I couldn’t sleep, all I could think of was his huge cock. So of course I star jerking it under the covers. I'm not that big at all, about 6 inches, which is average I guess. But I was jerking it for about a half an hour when Chris asked me what the hell I was doing. I tried to hide it but it was obvious that I was jerking off. I was embarrassed but then Chris said something very unexpected. I see how you stare at my dick he said as he climbed down to the floor. I was like yeah man your mistaken or something and he's like no that’s ok. I don’t mind. I was like wtf and then he pulls it out. Go ahead and touch it if you want he says. Not saying a word I grabbed his dick. It was erect, but it was growing at a crazy pace. It was crazy. I couldn’t even fit my hand around. It. I started to masturbate him up and down. I swear his dick was at least a foot long. He started to moan a little bit and then asked me to suck it. My dream come true, and mouth watering I dove right for it. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and could seriously barely get it in. I started to do what my girl always did to me and placed both hands at the base and consumed as much as possible with my mouth. In and out I went till I was literally sore. He was moaning and moaning and finally he said he was going to cum. I prepared for it. I had tasted my cum a few times, but always spit it out. He finally blew it in my mouth and I always started to choke. I was swallowing as fast as possible, but it was still leaking out going down my mouth. The taste was ok and and I swallowed mostly. Afterwards I licked my lips. He then finished me off and I came into his mouth. We then made out for awhile and finally went to sleep. We never spoke of this again, and I have never done anything else with a guy. But I'm beginning to dream of a nice big cock again.

posted by Yanks Todd | 9:34 AM

Friday, March 11, 2005  

Masturbating Publicly at school

Well first off I would like to say that your site is great. It helps me a lot. Anyways here is my story. This story is recent as can be. I am now 18 and just recently graduated high school and moving on to college in October. Before I graduated high school, I really had a thing for masturbating in the public eye. Voyeurism as they call it. My day in school would go around okay. It would be long and stressful though. I would have 11 periods a day. One of those periods would be Web page design II which is my last period of the day. By that class, I usually get horny for some odd reason. I would be sitting there working on my web page and get this major hard on in my pants. Im telling myself "Please go back down. Now is not the time to be hard." Did it listen to me, not one bit.

This was towards the end of the year so you know. Probably around April June. Well I finally gave into the temptation to just relieve myself there, right in the back of the class where I might have a chance of getting caught jacking off. Just thinking of that gave me an even bigger hard on usually. I only did this on the days that my partner was absent. He was absent a lot so let's just say it was good for me. I found out that the schools computer didn't have a block on the porn sites.

So I would go online and search for gay porn on and find some good pictures of men masturbating themselves or of other men jacking off or Cumming. Those pictures are the ones that really turn me on the most. I did that for a while till they blocked those sites. Schools…. Well I got around it by using my yahoo screen name and password and logging onto yahoo groups and finding pictures up there. I did find a lot there. So what I would do was sit there and make sure the coast is clear first. Teacher is sitting down in his chair up at the front of the classroom and the rest of the class was busy working on their class work. I would start by taking out my belt and put it aside usually on a chair or the table in front of me. I would look for a good picture online and bring it up to full view. Note everyone can see it if they walked back my direction. I then slid down my pants very slowly. Sometimes I would take down my boxers but then there are times where I don't. I would then slide my chair back so my feet would stretch out in front of me and start to play with my self down there. I would start by going at it slowly with my left hand rapped around my cock.

As soon as I picked up the pace, I would use my right hand and play with my balls at the same time. It felt great to do that. I would go at it for about 5 minutes before I end with the best mind-blowing ejaculation ever. I do not shoot up that much but it comes out and gets all over the place. When I am done, I hesitate to walk up to the front of the classroom to get some tissues to clean up the mess. When I do that I just hide my hands behind my back or to the side of me. Hoping the class would not notice the white sticking on them. I did that till I graduated High school. Now that I am out of school, I have the whole house to myself being home alone all day long to masturbate however I want to. I hope that this story helps a lot of you out there and I plan to write more stories in the future so keep an eye out for them.

posted by Yanks Todd | 9:57 PM

Tuesday, March 08, 2005  

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:13 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:13 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:13 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:13 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:13 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:12 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:12 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:12 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:12 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:12 PM

Danny Rhymes works out his muscles and then his cock with a great jack off session.
posted by Yanks Todd | 3:11 PM

Sexual Exploration with Toys
by Alexander

Below is an e-mail that I sent to a sex forum regarding a sexual exploration toy that I recently started using. This is not an advertisement of any sort, just a detailed description of one of my sexual escapades that I was trying to describe. Anyways, here you go:

I've had the Aneros for about a year and tonight I finally got the beginnings of the Super O.

In previous sessions, I'd been able to reach the involuntary contractions, but it's always been difficult to maintain them. But tonight it was easier and much more pleasurable, I think for two reasons.

First, I've experimented with many lubes. The ones with glycerin always gave me the "urge to purge" if I tried to insert any beforehand using a dropper. The silicon based ones didn't do that, but they were always a bit thin for my taste. This evening, I tried Maximus for the first time (pretty thick, easy to insert with a dropper and didn't have the laxative effect). I was very generous with the lube (about 3mL, plus generous coating on the aneros), probably more than I had ever used before. This really helped with the involuntaries.

Second, I gave myself a LOT of time. In the past, I would have set aside an hour or 90 minutes max. Tonight, I gave myself 2 hours (but I ended up going longer ;). One thing I should say right now is that in the past, I had never felt the Aneros actually press against my prostate unless I REALLY contracted (like testicals retracting kind of contraction). Even then, it was just a mild sensation. But after about an hour and a half of regular contractions and watching some porn, I started to feel it more and more with the 25% contractions (thought at first it was my bladder filling up, but the feeling would go away if I "let go"). Heartened, I kept going, well past my usual "what the hell, I'll just have a fantastic orgasm and go to sleep" point.

What happened next is hard to explain. Initially, I'd been on my back with hips raised and things were feeling good, but then I decided to lie on my side, the way the instructions say (one leg tucked up, one stretched out). The sensation on my prostate changed a little bit and gradually, the feeling like needing to pee turned into that feeling you get signaling the onset of a traditional orgasm. But my penis was completely flaccid and I could control the intensity of the feeling. Then, I realized that if I kept it up, I might finally have the hands-free orgasm. I think that realization fueled my excitement and arousal. My heart began to pound and my body started to shake, but again, I could control it by relaxing or contracting. At this point, my anus was exhausted and I had a hard time keeping the contractions going for any length of time. But it built and built and then, pop, the Aneros flew out of my anus. Fuck! I guess my back door finally gave out. I re-inserted and tried again, got close to where I was before, but my body was saying enough was enough, so I just "settled" for one of the longest and most intense orgasms I've ever had.

So, after a year of experimentation and lurking on this forum, it finally happened and I just HAD to share. ;-) Hopefully, next time, I can get to the same place quicker and/or get better anal endurance. Thanks for all the helpful tips and encouragement chaps. And for those of you still trying, keep it up! It is SOOO worth it.

posted by Yanks Todd | 2:34 PM

Strangest Place

The strangest place I ever jacked off was at the top of our apt. building.. I lived in the inner city in a housing project. They had housing cops to help keep order and all. I and my buds would go to the roof top of our 10 story building. We went up there nearly everyday. This day I was by myself. I was 14. I was jacking away and the housing cop about 45 or so came up.and stood next to me. I was so interested in jacking my cock I didn't notice him. I looked up in awe and he just smiled and took out his humonous cock and started to jack off matching me stroke for stroke. We both jetted a huge load of cum. After we finished jacking off he told me he had 3 boys and one boy my age and he encouraged his boys to jack off as much as they wanted to as it was healthy for them. After that jacking session we would meet in one of the empty apts and jack off each other. We sucked off each other a lot but we both like to feel each other's cock and cream each other the best. We were jack off bud for about 4 yrs. Three times a week at least.I jacked off with my buds now and then but his cock was cock enough for me,

posted by Yanks Todd | 12:28 AM

Mutual Release
by Billy

I usually masturbate at least once or twice a day, and always while I watch some hot porn either on the computer or on the TV. My collection of porn is rather large, and I just cant get enough of it. One day, about 3 weeks ago, I was especially horny because for some reason I hadn’t been able to find any time to jerk off for 3 days! This is extremely long for me and the tension was almost unbearable. Finally I got home and with several hours of nothing planned and the place all to myself I got ready for what was to be an long and satisfying jerk off session. I started by watching some porn clothed and gently messaging my cock through the crotch of my pants. Just as I was about to slide them down and really start stroking, there was a knock on my door. A friend of mine had decided to pop by and totally ruin my jerking!
I switched off the porn and answered the door. Sure enough it was my friend Ted, who said he had been in the neighborhood and decided to stop by. We talked for a little while, but all I could think about was the raging hard on in my pants and the need to satisfy it. We started to watch tv, and just to tease me further, Ted switched it to a car show, where they were showing a special on the hottest babes at car exhibitions. This just made it more unbearable not being able to jerk off, the girls were smoking hot, with tight little tank tops on and the smallest little booty shorts. Ted was clearly enjoying it as well, he started commenting on how tight they’re bodies were and how much he’d love to fuck them. Finally, at one point in the show they interviewed a girl who was also a pornstar, I recognized her immediately. I told Ted that I had video’s of that girl fucking and sucking on my computer and he was blown away, he said he simply must see them.
So the two of us went into my room and he pulled up an extra chair to my computer screen. I opened up my porn collection.
“Holy shit you’ve got a lot of porn,” exclaimed Ted, “why haven’t you shown me this before!” We then settled in and watched porn for quite some time, making my dick almost burst out of my pants. It got so bad that I discretely (or so I thought) slid a hand down into my pants and gently started rubbing my cock. Although I thought he couldn’t notice, after awhile Ted said:
“Hey I mean we both know we wanna jerk off, you don’t mind if I just take it out and go for it do you?”. Well of course I didn’t! I told him I would do the same and before we knew it we were both butt naked jerking off side by side to the hot sex on the screen in front of us. I glanced over at Ted and could see his hand sliding up and down his shaft faster and faster, he had taken his left hand and begun playing with his balls. I did likewise as I leaned over and covered my own cock with a thick coating of my spit. I was so turned on and so horny, and the hot sounds of fucking that emanated from my speakers only made it worse (or better). The two of us began gently moaning and grunting as our swollen cocks rushed with the sensation of the swift hand pumps. I spread my legs open wide and thrust my cock into the air as Ted moaned loudly. “Look at that fuckin pussy,” I said, referring to the hot snatch that was being pounded on the screen. “Imagine sliding your cock all the way in that tight little cunt,” replied Ted. “Yah and then spraying your fuckin' cum all over those tits.”
We jerked off for awhile longer, commenting on what we’d like to do to the hot pieces of ass that danced in front of us. Finally, I could feel my cock ready to explode and I knew I was about to cum, but Ted beat me to it. “Holy shit, ohh fuuuuuuuck” he exclaimed and I looked over just in time to see his red throbbing dick shoot jet after jet of pearly white cum over his chest. The sight was too much, and I felt a quick tightening in my shaft and balls as I too sent stream after stream of jizz into the air, while I kept pumping and pumping until my cock was totally numb.
After we had cleaned up and gotten our clothes back on, we went back and watched TV for awhile longer, and both Ted and I agreed that it had been an awesome time. So much so that we hope to do it again sometime, and maybe get more of our friends to join in.

posted by Yanks Todd | 12:25 AM

Exhibition 101

Ever sat down and thought back on a situation and shiver, thinking how close you came to disaster? You imagine the consequences that so nearly came to fruition and you feel sick knowing that you should have never risked it. The action could have been born from many pressures such as alcohol, friends, boredom, naivety or impulse. But with great risk there is great reward. The following is an account of a series of events, each one riskier than the last, that could have done as little as induced a little embarrassment or ruined my hopes and dreams. I trust you’ll enjoy!

University, the best time of my life, had just started and I was excited to be in this new ‘adult’ world. I’ve always enjoyed school and now looking back I can pinpoint where my enjoyment came from. To me it didn’t matter what the subject was or what we were covering, the game of conquering knowledge and getting the enlightened correct answer as always pushed me to succeed. In mathematics it was immediate, all you did was go through the problem to get the answer then check if the answer was correct and in English it was constructing a pleasureable art of work to read. I now apply this concept to the rest of my life, except sex.

Sex for me had always been something that just wasn’t talked about or hinted to. So, as most men do anyway, I start to masturbate in order to discover sex. Masturbation, self love, wanking, jerking off or whatever you want to call it (My favorite is purple headed yogurt slinging soldier) is the most liberating act! Now that I was out of the parents home and at university with my own room I could lock the door, strip off and pleasure myself anyway I wished. But I soon found this to become boring. I discover that there was something about exhibition that makes masturbation exciting. I would first of all leave the door unlocked, the knowledge that someone could walk in on me was exciting and considering there was also females in the dorm it could have gotten very interesting. I would then move to leaving the blinds on the window open and I spent a lot of non-masturbation time naked. If anyone walked in on me then it could easily be explained and the intruder would be the one that felt the guilt. “I was just heading off to the shower! Get out!”.

One thing I learnt in math is that some situations can escalate extremely quickly and I now believe exhibition can be exponential. It was getting toward exams and I was stressed. I’d never experienced the pressure that comes with doing a science degree. Each one of my subjects had an exam and I didn’t know where to start. I was cursing those damn arts students who did all their work throughout the semester and where now getting into the latest LAN game, spending hours on end blowing each other up or building a dominant army to defeat all opposition. I had found fairly quickly that a good form of release was to spend about half an hour praising my hard throbbing knob. It relaxed me, exhausted me and after the orgasm and another red bull I was set to go again. Better than sleep.

I was located in the upper library trying to find relevant material for my subjects because all of the popular (as in easy to find) material had already been hired out and would most likely not return until after the exams. I walked over to the window that surrounded the whole library. I loved this building; it was made entirely from glass and was very pleasing to look at. It was late, I was tired and I felt defeated. I looked up into the clear summer sky and an array of stars was spread before me with the moon low in the sky. The romance that seems inextricably connected to the clear starry sky turned my thoughts to my penis and it started to grow hard. I gave it a loving stroke through my shorts and turned back to the books spread over the floor.

I decided that trying to do anything further tonight would be useless so I gathered up the resources I had found, stored them in an unlikely location and set off to my room to see how big and hard I could get my rod. There had been a few fellow students on the top floor when I had arrived but it seemed to be vacated now and an exciting thought struck me and my member came to attention. I had only ever tempted being caught in my room and when it comes down to it there wasn’t much risk involved in that. I went to the toilets and grabbed some toilet paper and went over to a corner at the top of the library. Rows and rows of books surrounded me from floor to ceiling and I sat down with my back against “The history of aircraft: The real story” and “The story of birdmen, why wings don’t work”. I chuckled knowing that I’d soon be flying once I get my turbine stroking.

I unzipped my shorts and pulled down my jocks and just looked at my penis. I had only ever shaved my pubes once and it was great until the ingrown hairs got going, I’d vowed never to shave again. So it sat there with a large amount of ‘bush’ and a small snail trail running up to my belly button which happens to be an ‘inny’. My flaccid penis was pulsating as a larger amount of blood started to pump into it. I could not only feel it but I could see the organ lift off my thigh then rest back down again without me physically doing anything. I lifted my cock up so it laid facing up the snail trail and ran my fingernails lightly around my balls. I had never understood how ‘cupping’ the scrotom or even breasts could be arousing, I always enjoyed almost scratching my testicles and I imagined it to be somewhat like the light flicking of a female's nipple. It was hot and my scrotom was hanging low, as I gave it attention it also started to pulsate bringing my balls closer to my body then extending out again.

As I sat there I wondered if the average female knew the way the male genitalia changed rapidly depending on temperature, activity and arousal. I myself had always been amazed at how after extensive physical activity, particularly that involving water, that my own penis seemed foreign. I’d be in my room preparing for a shower, I’d take off my speedos and there would be a tiny bit of flesh not even and inch long hardly making its way out of the pubes and the ball sack would be tightly retracted into the body. I’d get into the hot showing and the scotom would release its hold on my testicles and the penis would lengthen as the hot water would flow over it. I’d then place the pressure of the water coming out of the shower hose onto the head of the penis and it would grow even longer, it would stand erect at 6 inches and with a respectable girth.

My attention returned from the weird ways of the penis back to the present situation. I could never get fully into masturbation unless I was fully naked. I had once started masturbating with only socks on and after awhile I had to discard them because somehow they seem to take away from the experience. I started taking my clothes off, my shoes then shorts then jocks and shirt. As the shirt came off it rippled over my nipples and they sprung erect and I lay flat on my back, legs and arms outstretched. I looked down my chest and the head of my penis was looking back at me, throbbing up and down off and onto my pelvis.

I am uncircumcised and the hood proves to be very useful in spontaneous situations. I can masturbate without any lube at all and without causing any aggravation to my member. I can move the skin up and down over my penis; this is a natural ‘sleeve’ is always present and always willing. I’ve assumed that most other uncircumcised men have also discovered this and to be honest and couldn’t imagine losing my little ring of skin.

I took both of my hands and brought them down my chest, over my nipples, over my belly, around the crotch and down the thighs. I pushed down on my scrotom down towards my anus which retracted the skin from around the head of the penis and brought the penis so it sat straight up. With this move the touch of the skin retracting from the head and the pressure of the skin pulling down along the shaft caused my knob to become very hard very fast and a quiver ran through my whole body. Leaving my left hand pulling on the scrotom I took my right and cover it with some spit. I then lay my penis flat on my belly and slowly rubbed it’s underside with the flat of my hand. At this point it was fully erect at just over 6 inches.

My knob was throbbing, I could hear the blood in my ears throbbing and I was excited. I lay in a public library, completed naked and I was fully erect. My heart was racing, I was smiling and I loved it. I sat up, slightly slouching and grabbed my penis with my right hand. Despite what a lot of people say, I think the penis is an extremely attractive thing. I grabbed the base of the penis tightly and looked it over. The head was large and a deep purple and was reflecting the light slightly. I am most sensitive around the rim of the head, where the head and the shaft meet and especially on the underside. The shaft had very large veins showing all around it and it was not bent in any way. I then started to stroke, up and down in a fairly traditional style of masturbation. I’ve heard of many other techniques but I get the most pleasure from stroking with a full fist.

I started slow, watching the skin move over the head of my penis getting pleasure from simply watching myself. I have a fairly standard fantasy while I masturbate and it consisted of an extremely attractive girl named Aimee. Aimee was the same age as I, in the same year and she had it all. Not only was she attractive but she was intelligent and kind. I was a sucker for good conversation and nothing pulls my heart strings like a deep and meaningful one.
Aimee and I were good friends, I had no idea if she wanted it to be more but I sure did. I had always imagined her walking in on me, not necessarily while masturbating but defiantly naked. There would be an awkward silence while I stood starkers she would then move forward and she would place her arms around my neck, press her body close to mine and plant a deep hard kiss on my bewildered lips. I’d ran this over in many situations, while I was wanking, while I was about to get in the shower and many other scenarios.
Although the situation where I was masturbating never seemed quite right, it always seemed so crude in what I wanted to be a romantic situation. Despite this the current circumstances played right into my fantasy because Aimee was also a science student and had many times visited the top floor of the library late at night, she was committed to her work.

I was delighted, my right hand stroking my penis, my left hand giving attention to my balls and my mind running rife trying to convince myself that Aimee was watching or going to catch me at any second. I felt daring tonight so I stood, still stroking but a little bit faster and started to walk. Never going close to the windows I started to slowly navigate the maze of bookshelves. The smell was amazing; it smelt old and gave me a sense that I was ‘doing the dirty’ when I wasn’t meant to. It gave me a sense this was an area of the conservative and the reserved and I was breaking the rules. I started to breathe heavily and lose focus and what was around me. My mind was consumed with thoughts of Aimee and I lovingly touching each other, I was filling her with my hand, climaxing her with my tongue and she had her back arched screaming for more. My ears were consumed with the throbbing in my head; I could hear it and nothing else. My hand was consumed with pleasuring myself, long hard strokes from the tip to the base and back again.

I was so close to orgasm when the dreamland I was in lifted. I had just turned a corner, my eyes were closed and I was just thinking about preparing myself to climax. I heard a slight noise and my eyes flashed open. There, right before me was Aimee; all I could see was her face. She was surrounded by books and she looked lost in thought. Suddenly her eyes came up to see the naked man that stood in front of her and she gasped. Her eyes grew, white showing all around her pupils, her mouth was gaping at the sight, she was horrified…..she was naked. There was Aimee right in front of me, her legs were spread facing toward me with her feet placed on the bookshelves either side of her. She had her right hand buried in her pussy and her left hand had been caressing her breasts. Her skin had sweat all over it, dripping down the nape of her neck and between her breasts and there was a damp spot on the carpet beneath her vagina. It was the most beautiful sight yet the most horrifying. The silence was deafening. There was no admitting of secret attraction, no crack of a smile to break the moment, we just stayed there with her hand still inside her and mine still grasping my hard cock. Eternity passed, there was just silence, cruel and painful silence.

The end of part 1.

posted by Yanks Todd | 12:24 AM

Monday, March 07, 2005  

by Peter

Several years ago, immediately after college, I went to work on a North Sea oil rig as a macho right of passage, before settling into the real world. The life was mostly what it is portrayed to be: Hard work, long days, tough weather and larger than life, hairy-assed guys. There were no women on the rigs at that time; there are now, so I am told. Everything was very macho, and any hint of non-heterosexual tendency met with enough cruel treatment that the poor victims quit in disgrace. It happened to one guy I knew of.

The work life was 14 days offshore working 12 hours a day, followed by 14 days R&R. The days-off were one long orgy of excess, drinking and chasing women. Aberdeen, Scotland, was an oil-boom town at the time, so men outnumbered women, and there was more chasing women than catching them going on. Drinking was a favourite hobby.

On night, about two days after coming ashore, I had been out drinking with my buddies. The bar closed and I was walking back to my apartment in the drizzling rain. It was a little bit after midnight, if I remember correctly. I stopped on my walk to look in the windows of a motorcycle store that I passed. There was a Ducati in the showroom that I lusted for badly.

As I was looking at the bike I became aware that someone was approaching. I turned my head, and saw a guy about my age walking towards me. There was only the two of us on the street. I felt no concern; I was young, strong from working on the rigs, thought of myself as about as macho as it is possible to be, and I was still a little bit drunk.

The stranger continued to approach, and when he was near enough he said, “Hey there, do you know any where I could get a cup of coffee around here?”

I answered, “Not at this time of night, pal. Maybe at the railway station down there, but other than that everywhere’s closed.”

“So, where are you going?” he asked.

“Home,” I replied.

“Mmm,” he said, “that sounds nice. Do you have any coffee there?”

I realized I had been propositioned. I thought for a minute, and then said, “You know, I should punch your lights out right now, shouldn’t I?”

He looked a bit worried, and the apologized: “Hey. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off, but……” He trailed off mid sentence.

“Well, if you want a cup of coffee, I don’t live too far from here, and I’ll give you a cup of coffee. But that’s all!” I heard myself saying. I was almost as surprised as he was!

“Hi, my name’s Geoff,” he introduced himself, sticking out his hand.

“Dave,” I replied, touching his hand like boxers touch gloves.

We walked to my apartment, climbed the stairs, and as I opened the door I said, “OK. Here we are. Cream and Sugar?” the first words spoken since our belated introduction on the street, several minutes before.

The apartment had a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. I pointed Geoff into the living room and went into the kitchen to make the coffee. All the time, I was wondering what the hell I was doing this for.

I handed him a mug of coffee and sat down opposite him with one for myself. “Why did you approach me?” I asked. While in college a guy who lived in the same dorms and was flagrantly queer once told me that I was the one guy he would never dream of hitting on, so I was fascinated as to why Geoff had done so.

“Dunno. Well, you looked attractive, and you were alone, so I though maybe … Oh ... I dunno,” he stumbled. The he looked at me and said, “You’re curious, aren’t you?”

I felt myself coloring up. I was sober now, after the passage of time and the coffee. After a few moments under his gaze I admitted, “Well, yeah, I suppose so.”

He reached out and put his hand on my neck, moving in for a kiss, it seemed like. I said, “Whoa, I don’t know about kissing anyone with a moustache, except maybe my Grandma!” He laughed, stopped moving towards me, but slid his left hand down to the small of my back and began stroking. His other hand moved to my chest and began tickling my nipple through my shirt. This guy was good; I’d never had a chick turn me on by touch so quickly. With a little pressure, he wordlessly suggested we stand up. His hand moved easily around to the front, and, single handed, he undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and slid down the zipper. My erection was sort of tangled up in my Y-fronts. His hand slid inside, freed my hard-on form its constraint, and began caressing my throbbing dick.

I stood there not believing what I was experiencing. My heart was pounding. I was scared to death that one of my workmates would find out, but at the same time doing nothing to stop the progress events were taking.

Geoff stopped fondling my balls, and one button at a time, undid my shirt. It’s a move I’d done on girls before; now I was being seduced and undressed.

With my shirt open, my jeans unzipped, and my cock exposed, I stood there. “Don’t move,” he said, and walked into the kitchen. I heard him opening and closing cupboards. In a few moments he was back, his own shirt off, and a bottle of vegetable cooking oil in his hand. He set the bottle of oil on a table, and stepped over to begin stroking my chest and groin again. One handed, he undid his own jeans, then took my hand and put it on his cock.

He slipped my shirt off completely, and pushed down my jeans. I found myself helping him kick them off. Somehow, he got rid of his own pants too. The clumsy bit was when we took our socks off. By this time, I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen next, but I knew I was going to do it, whatever it was. Geoff got the oil, poured some in his hand and smoothed them together. He began to work my cock, the oil mixing with the precum. I sank to the floor, and Geoff followed me down, kneeling beside me as he jacked me off. One hand was oiling and massaging my balls, and the other working the shaft, using his thumb to apply a little extra attention to the really sensitive bit where your foreskin attaches. Neither of us were circumcised.

I was fondling his equipment, but couldn’t reach it easily, and I was becoming more and more worked up so I couldn’t concentrate on attending to him.

He realized I was getting ready to come, and he moved his hand from my balls and began sliding an oily finger into my ass. I came like Mount Vesuvius, shooting cum all over my stomach, arching my back and groaning like a porn star. Geoff stopped working my cock, and began rubbing the cum into my skin like it was lotion. He was smiling. “OK …. Good, even?” he asked.

I pushed him over onto his back on the floor, oiled up my hands, and began working him, too. He gave me directions: “A bit more pressure … that’s it ... Not too fast … OK … now, play with my ass … Yes.” Soon, Geoff came, as I had. His eyes were tightly closed and he was breathing short, sharp breaths until, with a release of breath that was almost like a cough, he spewed his load and grabbed my hand to stop working his throbbing, super-sensitive cock as he uttered a series of “Oh – uh – ohhh” panting sounds.

After a few minutes I said, “We’d better clean up,” and I went to get us some towels. We wiped off the cum, and got dressed smiling, but without words.

“I’d better be going,” he said, once he was dressed. “It was fun. Thanks for the coffee”.

“You’re welcome,” I replied, “we should get together for coffee again, some time.” He smiled, touched my shoulder, then left. We never did hook up again.

Now, years later, I’m married, with a sexy wife who loves to fuck. But, every now and again, I wish I could find another guy like Geoff.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005  
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Time Off
by wheels43

The last five days of being off work were good and bad. The good being I got some yard work done and some other "things". The bad was I kept getting interupted from work. The guy who works for me can never handle things on his own so every minor crisis he calls me. If I am at home on vacation, sick or will call me. The only time they don't is when I go away from here. Today I was doing some yardwork...with occasional breaks to cool off in the pool.

I always enjoy the pool because I feel so free. My own swimming pool to go in whenever I want and do whatever I want with complete privacy and the pool to myself. This past week has finally been sunny and dry. We have had rain almost everyday for the last month and a half. Whenever I do yard work...I never wear jockies or even boxers because I sweat like a pig and I hate the sticky cling to me. Usually I will wear my cut-off jeans with no shirt. Today was no different. As I was cleaning out my flower beds, some ants started crawling up my crotch. Soon I was scratching for my life so I took my shorts off and jumped into the pool.

Going from being so hot to the cool water made my dick get hard. As I sat on the steps...rubbing my dick and balls...making sure I had gotten all the ants out, was making even my nipples get harder. I decided to play around with them some so I started splashing water on them, along with pinching and kneeding them between my fingers. With each pinch, I could feel my cock starting to react and I knew I would have to tend to it soon.

Swimming around...skinny dipping...has always made me horny and hard and this time was no different. I remembered so many times the feeling of jacking off in a pool, lake or any body of water and how much the sensation was different when I exploded my wad. How much I enjoyed it...seeing my cum shoot through the water. Just thinking about it was getting my cock rock hard. I knew I was going to enjoy that feeling again. I wanted to feel it so bad that I took only about 10 minutes to satisfy my need. Releasing my buildup and having that wonderful feeling only made me want more.

So, I came into the house...the cold a/c made my cock hard again. I went into my room and I bent over my bed and started jerking on my cock, making it harder. I then let my legs spread apart and with using both hands, I started spreading my asshole apart...making it twitch with anticipation of what was cumming. I went back to stroking my hard, swollen cock with one hand as I started finger fucking my ass with the other hand. With each insert and exploration of my ass with my ass was puckering and my dick was twitching.

I was taking slow, long strokes to build myself up. After finger fucking my ass for about 15 minutes, I took my long, thick dildo and stuck it up far as I could in my tight ass and continued to jerk myself off to the point of exploding but stopping each time to let the burning build up even stronger. I continued to fucked myself with the dildo as I stroked myself until I knew I was going to explode with hot, thick cum...then I stopped and removed the dildo. I then took my ass plug to the kitchen. I wrapped the ass plug wires and batteries with saran wrap, so they wouldn't get wet and short out. Then I stuck it in my ass...almost making myself cum right then.

I then went back out to the cock jerking up and down as I went...and walked into the pool. The water just made it feel that much better and also kept my cock very swollen and hard. That's when I started the ass plug...allowing it to stimulate and fuck my ass. As I let the ass plug stimulate and fuck my ass.
My dick was jumping up and down while my ass was puckering and tightening up. I felt like my dick was going to be ripped out as it kept getting harder from the sensation. I could see a little bit of pre cum coming out just to be washed away by the water. My cock didn't know what to do...drawing back, then shooting back out hard again.

I teased on my head for 15 minutes, switching from massaging my cock to adjusting the ass plug...making me dizzy with every vibration. I started stroking my dick, slow hard strokes while the water kept it lubricated.
My asshole was twitching in a frenzy which sent my whole body into spasms, my ass tightening up and my cock wanting to explode and I couldn't backed off any longer so I shot my wad with the force of a horse. Watching my cum shoot into the water in thick streams...floating from the tip of my cock long strand of thick cum moving away from was amazing.

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